NEWS10 June 2013

Ticketmaster offers analytics about gig attendees

Data analytics UK

UK — Ticketmaster has launched an analytics service that will enable venues, artists and team clients to target their marketing campaigns in Britain.

LiveAnalytics will utilise Ticketmaster UK’s database of over 11m people who have attended a concert, show, game or theatre performance giving information on preferences, ticketing trends and industry benchmarks amongst other customised data.

The aim is to give artists, venues and teams insight into how, where, and to who they can sell tickets and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns as well as brokering sponsorship opportunities.

Ticketmaster International VP of insight Sophie Crosby said: “By providing access to our rich and unique fan insight, LiveAnayltics brings a new level of service and knowledge to our UK client base.”

LiveAnalytics has been in service in the US since 2011 and will be rolled out across other territories such as Sweden, Norway Denmark, Germany and Australasia this year.