NEWS22 May 2017

Three in five consumers not being targeted effectively

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UK – Three in five ( 58%) of consumers think that brands and marketers are failing to target them effectively, according to research from marketing automation company BlueVenn.

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According to the research, consumers are ‘increasingly open’ to the idea of target content and ads when shopping online, and 46% would like ecommerce sites to reorganise their products based on prior tastes and interests. 

The research surveyed 2,000 consumers in the UK and the US, as well as around 600 B2C marketers. 

The findings suggest that a lack of targeting is tied to limited investment being made in tools to deal with customer data. The report revealed that 87% of marketers agreed that, until they adopt the right tools, ‘effective customer data analysis is impossible'.

“Even though marketers have heavily invested in many technologies, our findings show there are clearly still issues with using data effectively," said Anthony Botibol, marketing director at BlueVenn. 

"In their drive to add new functionalities, many MarTech vendors have largely ignored the underlying data, leaving data management to others. 

"The tools are available to collate this data, analyse it and help produce targeted campaigns to give an end result of a more enjoyable customer experience.”