NEWS25 January 2011

The Week taps GfK MRI for Starch statistics

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US— The Week magazine has signed up to use metrics from GfK MRI’s Starch Advertising Research to back its performance guarantee to advertisers.

The magazine guarantees that consumer recall of adverts in the publication will rank in the top-one third of all title’s on the advertiser’s media plan. If not, additional ads are run free of charge until they reach the top third.

Publisher Jessica Sibley said: “We are one of the few consumer magazines to guarantee an advertiser’s media investment. It’s vital that the research we use to support this guarantee is widely used and understood by the advertising industry.”

Sibley said that market adoption of Starch’s offering, which uses online consumer surveys to measure readership of ads across 180 consumer magazines, “blossomed” over the course of 2010, and felt that now was the “right time” to sign up to the service.

The Week previously used consumer research data from an unnamed Starch competitor after launching the advertiser guarantee in late 2009.

Kathi Love (pictured), GfK MRI president and CEO said: “The number of of agencies and publishers that contract with Starch on an exclusive basis grows each passing month. It’s gratifying that the industry is availing itself of the of the advanced audience metrics that people have been asking for and which GfK MRI has worked so hard to deliver.”