NEWS31 July 2023

The Trade Desk partners with Schwarz Media

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UK – Advertising technology firm The Trade Desk has agreed a strategic partnership on customer data with Schwarz Media, the retail media unit of retail group and Lidl owner Schwarz Group.

Lidl supermarket Credit:typhoonski

The partnership will allow The Trade Desk to use data from Lidl’s online shop and Kaufland Marktplatz to measure the success of digital advertising online.

Advertisers will be able to measure the influence of digital ads on direct sales and use the data to feed into campaign optimisation.

Samantha Jacobson, chief strategy officer, executive vice-president, at The Trade Desk, said: “Retail media presents an opportunity for marketers to embrace data-driven advertising on the open internet, with the goal of providing them with better targeting and performance measurement.

“Through our new partnership with Schwarz Media, advertisers can now activate this rich retail data that will enable their campaigns to reach the right audience, while providing measurement to demonstrate the impact of their marketing activities.”

Robert Jozic, general manager at Schwarz Media, said: “Retail media takes marketing on the open internet to a new level, offering consumers real added value through the display of significantly more relevant advertising.

“It is our ambition to implement this development in accordance with the detailed German data protection requirements and to align it with significantly higher standards than usual in the market.”