NEWS27 September 2021

The Insights Family starts publishing toys and games report

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UK – Kids, parents, and family market intelligence company The Insights Family has launched a quarterly report on children’s use of toys and games.

Little girl shopping for toys

The publication will analyse the attitudes, behaviours and consumption preferences of UK children aged 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12, highlighting changes and year-to-year trends.

It will also include data on the top licensing categories and toy-related purchases from TV, film, video games and YouTubers.

Data is drawn from The Insights Family’s research with 3,313 children aged 3-12 quarterly.

The first report, focused on the second quarter of 2021, has been published.

Sarah Riding, research and trends director, The Insights Family, said: “The Toys & Games Report shows a strong trend towards the popularity of traditional and well-known toys, as well as a growing interest in creative toys. Year-on-year, brands like Barbie, Minecraft and NERF toys have experienced 30% growth as kids’ favourite toys.”