NEWS6 January 2017

The Insights Association formed from Casro and MRA merger

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US – The merger of Casro and the MRA has led to the launch of the Insights Association, an overarching marketing research and analytics organisation.

Simon Chadwick, managing partner of Cambiar will be chair of the Insights Association Board and David Almy – who was CEO of the MRA – will be its CEO.

MRA and Casro staff will work in the new organisation, including new hires Krista Vazquez and Jonathan Saxe. Casro president Diane Bowers will work with the association on key projects. It will be based in Washington and New York.

Chadwick said: “We are fortunate to launch this new organisation from a place of strength – with an established network, seasoned board and staff, impressive technological capabilities, and the ability to grow cost-efficiently to meet the growing needs of members.”

Almy said: “Since September, when the members of both CASRO and MRA overwhelmingly approved combining our efforts on behalf of our members, we have worked to ensure that the Insights Association delivers on its promise to provide exceptional resources to maintain the integrity and strength of the marketing research and analytics industry.”