NEWS4 November 2009

TGI gets a boost from TNS acquisition


UK— Kantar’s international network of brand purchase, consumer attitude and media use surveys has expanded to 67 countries following parent company WPP’s acquisition of TNS last year.

TNS-run surveys in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Vietnam have been added to the Global TGI Network, while TNS Russia’s Marketing Index study replaces the survey run by Comcon from next year.

In France, the TGI survey is also in line for a sample size increase from the current 10,000 participants to 15,000 by 2011 in a bid to provide “even more granular detail on this important market,” said TGI chief executive Richard Asquith (pictured).

Commenting on the additions of surveys in Norway, Denmark and Finland, Asquith said: “We now have a compelling regional offer for the wealthy and digitally-advanced Nordic markets.”