NEWS7 September 2016

Telmar adds reach and frequency to Touchpoints database

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US — Audience planning software company Telmar has announced that marketers can now estimate reach and frequency on the USA Touchpoints database. 

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USA Touchpoints fuses MRI and RealityMine data to track where people are, what they're doing, who they're with, which media they're using or being exposed to, how they're feeling, which product categories and brands they consume, as well as passively capturing their digital and other real life behaviours every 30 minutes throughout the day. 

As part of Telmar's rollout of its time-spent reach and frequency capability, marketers can now estimate reach and frequency on the Touchpoints database. This is intended to enable marketers to use USA Touchpoints’ data sets to estimate delivery against ‘micro audiences': for example, people who drink iced tea half an hour before dinnertime, then compare how many people can be reached and how often by the same advertising budget across different media.

“Because we can estimate reach and frequency based on time spent with media, this is a significant step forward in achieving cross platform audience planning with rich single-source data," said Corey Panno, global president of Telmar.  

"We are able to define which media reaches precise audiences most successfully at greater scale. We will apply this capability to any database with rich data on how people spend their time."