NEWS1 December 2017

Telemundo partners with Maru/Matchbox

Media News North America

US – Telemundo Enterprises, the Spanish language American TV network of NBCUniversal, has partnered with consumer intelligence firm Maru/Matchbox to create a combined Hispanic insight community.


The partnership will combine Telemundo’s online insight community, MiTelemundo, comprised mainly of Spanish-dominant Hispanic members, with Maru/Matchbox’s Springboard America panel of English-dominant Hispanics, resulting in over 20,000 members.

Telemundo has used the findings from MiTelemundo over the past year to inform its strategies.

Lia Silkworth, senior vice-president, insights and consumer development at Telemundo, said: "Our business is built on creating content tailored for the US Hispanic audience and to do that successfully, we need to have the most profound insights."

She added: "We began to address a white space in online market research for ourselves and quickly realised we could scale it and make it available to our partners."

Bruce Friend, president of the media and entertainment division of Maru/Matchbox, said: "Our partnership with Telemundo will allow us to access the full spectrum of Hispanic cultural orientations."

The combined insight community is now available to advertisers, marketers and researchers through Maru/Matchbox.