NEWS12 September 2011

TAM to consider ratings switch – if TV industry agrees

Asia Pacific

INDIA— TAM Media Research has said it will consider changing the way it reports TV viewing figures from a weekly to a monthly basis following a request from the News Broadcasters Association – but only if the rest of the industry agrees to the switch.

The NBA made the request earlier this month claiming that news channels need to be “distinct” from other channels and provide viewers with “quality programming and dissemination of news rather than providing content merely for garnering viewership”.

But TAM CEO L.V Krishnan said the NBA must first discuss the proposals with other industry bodies and stakeholders who use TAM figures before any decision can be taken on changing the frequency of reporting.

“It is important that each of the user organisations’ interests are kept in mind in the new change proposed by NBA,” Krishnan said in a statement. “We have to be sure that the complete implications of such a move have been understood by all users.”