NEWS8 January 2010

Synovate in tribute to Nigel Jackson after fatal ski accident


UK— Colleagues of Synovate executive Nigel Jackson have paid tribute to a man they describe as “a supportive, dedicated, massively hard-working leader” who died while skiing in the French Alps on Christmas Day.

Jackson was on the slopes with three friends when an accident occurred which claimed his life. Weather conditions were bad and visibility was poor on the day he died. According to press reports, police believe he had been skiing between two pistes and was caught in an avalanche.

“This devastating news is a great shock to us all and we are doing our best to support those most affected,” said Synovate’s UK CEO Jill Telford. “Over the last year, I have been fortunate enough to come to know Nigel well. He was one of the nicest people I have met – always positive, completely selfless and up for anything that would make a positive difference.”

Jackson had been with the firm since 2008, having previously worked as research services director at health and social care agency Dr Foster Intelligence.

At Synovate he was group head of both the qualitative and public sector, charities and transport teams. Team members called him “a very passionate researcher, brimming with enthusiasm and energy, and a supportive, dedicated, massively hard-working leader”.

Telford said: “Nigel had a level of commitment, kindness of heart and positivity of spirit that was unmatchable. He was loved by many, and this awful news has left us – particularly his teams – in a state of shock and upset.”

Ged Parton, Synovate’s CEO of global capabilities, had known Jackson for five years and said he worked “with passion, intensity and an extraordinary commitment to hard work”.

“His professional skills were well known and lauded in both client and agency communities,” said Parton. “Nigel Jackson will be badly missed.”