NEWS10 June 2011

Swiss startup rolls out facial expression decoder

Europe Technology

SWITZERLAND— A Swiss startup has developed technology that boasts the ability to accurately detect and decode facial micro-expressions and eye movements to aid understanding of human emotional response.

The proprietary technology, developed by nViso, uses standard webcams or similar video equipment to track 143 different facial points to identify a range of features and relates them to models developed with facial databases.

It is based on the work of psychologist Paul Ekman, who developed the idea that emotions are universal through his study of facial expressions in different cultures.

NViso was setup by Matteo Sorci and Tim Llewellynn and has received funding from The Swiss National Science Foundation.

Llewellynn said: “Many FMCG companies have been experimenting with facial recognition technology in retail research settings. nViso’s software adds a critical dimension to the marketing process based on exact emotional intelligence gathered in real-time.”