NEWS7 December 2016

SVOD could be helping the pay TV market

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UK — A new report from Mediabug has revealed that the arrival of SVOD (subscription video on demand) services such as Netflix in the UK may have helped, not hindered, the pay TV market, which includes providers like Sky and Virgin Media. 

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The report – a twice-yearly analysis of 3,000 UK consumers – shows that the total pay TV base has continued to grow from 61% to 69% of the UK population over the last four years. In this time, SVOD usage in pay TV homes has grown from 10% to 45%.

The research also shows that while homes using a free TV service are less tempted by SVOD, take up of the subscription services has grown from 9% to 28% in the same period. 

"Our consumer research is increasingly demonstrating that media decision making is not an ‘either or’ situation," said Hamish McPharlin, director of Decipher Research.

"Consumers sit along a spectrum of engagement with media entertainment, and are increasingly mixing and matching services to get the content they want, both live and on demand."

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