NEWS12 October 2023

SurveyMonkey adds MaxDiff analysis

News North America

US – Online survey company SurveyMonkey has introduced a MaxDiff analysis tool to its software.

SurveyMonkey HQ

Using the MaxDiff (maximum difference scaling) feature, SurveyMonkey users will be able to create a best-worst scaling process for collecting survey respondents’ preferences on things such as product features or employee benefits.

The tool works by presenting respondents with a random subset of attributes to evaluate. Respondents choose the most and least important item, and the survey creator is then given a list of rank-ordered preferences to see what features respondents valued most and least.

Researchers can also use the feature in conjunction with SurveyMonkey’s audiences tool, to help them find respondents who fit their criteria.

Samuel Bakouch, senior vice-president of product management at SurveyMonkey, said the availability of the tool would allow users to “focus on what matters most to their target audiences” as well as to “run this type of analysis faster, more frequently, and at a lower cost”.