NEWS12 August 2010

Sunbeam and Nielsen set for mediation over antitrust suit

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US— Nielsen and broadcaster Sunbeam Television are set to attend a mediation conference in a bid to settle their legal dispute, which has rumbled on since May 2009.

The two companies will attend a meeting in Boston later this month at the offices of Resolutions, and the meeting will be chaired by Professor Eric Green, one of the firm’s principals.

Sunbeam launched its case against Nielsen last year claiming that the ratings firm had abused its monopoly position and that the introduction of local people meters in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale markets had harmed Sunbeam’s audience figures and advertising revenue.

Nielsen has always disputed the allegations, referring to the case as “utterly without merit”. Sunbeam’s complaint has been dismissed twice – but both times the court has allowed the broadcaster to file an amended complaint.

The most recent version of the complaint was filed in January, to which Nielsen responded in March.