NEWS14 November 2023

Stylist Group launches insights agency

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UK – Stylist Group, publisher of media brand Stylist, has formed an insights agency, Think Stylist.


Think Stylist will focus its research on women in their 20s, 30s and 40s, and has a monthly network of five million women to help understand emerging trends, cultural insights and attitudes.

The agency will have a core team of insight professionals and strategists who will work alongside members of Stylist Studios and The Stylist Group.

The agency launched with a white paper called This is 30, which examines the attitudinal attributes of 30-year-old women.

It found that 63% of 30-year-old women currently find purpose and fulfilment in their work and 73% think they live a good quality of life, with two-thirds seeing their future in the UK and 30% being debt-free.

However, the white paper also said that 52% of 30-year-old women feel pressure to look a certain way and 49% to have a successful career, while 40% feel pressure to be happy and 37% feel pressure to ‘have it all’, meaning that 87% feel the pressure of time to achieve what they want to in life.

Ella Dolphin, chief executive at Stylist Group, said: “Ever since Stylist first launched, we’ve had one mission: to understand and be the authentic voice of modern women.

“With the launch of Think Stylist, clients can now access our ability to read the room and predict major cultural shifts for Gen Z and Millennial women to build their own brand and business strategies.”