NEWS17 February 2016

Start early and focus on health for ageing well

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UK – Good health is the essential element of ageing well according to a survey on the attitudes and behaviours of the Baby Boomer generation, conducted by business intelligence consultancy Future Thinking.

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Ninety per cent of UK respondents agreed that ageing well was a matter of good health and 49% said it was related to remaining active.

But the study also pointed to the need to start acting before you are 40, cited by 69% of people in terms of ageing well.

The study, in conjunction with Seniosphère Conseil, an international specialist in strategy and marketing for Baby Boomers ( 50- to 70-year-olds) was designed to understand the views and priorities towards ageing well across four countries: UK, France, Germany and Spain.

In 2015, almost a quarter ( 23%) of the UK population was aged over 60 and projected growth of this demographic from 2015 to 2030 is 31% (compared with a 20% growth for the population under 60 years).

Compared to the other countries surveyed, 69% of people in the UK think that to age well, we have to start doing something about it before the age of 40 – a decade younger than in France and Spain, and in Germany it wasn’t until after 50 years old.

Across all four countries, socialising, healthy eating and remaining active are the three main pillars when aiming to improve the ageing process.