NEWS24 May 2010

Starch research database to catalogue print ad variables

North America

US— Print ad researcher Starch is retroactively cataloguing all the ads it has measured in the past two-and-a-half years in an effort to help marketers understand which components of an ad are most successful in generating readership and response.

The agency seeks to identify and record more than 45 print ad variables in its database of adverts dating back to October 2008, including use of celebrities, sample offers, scent strips, sweepstakes and interactive bar codes.

In addition, Starch says specific words and phrases appearing in ad copy will be picked out and catalogued, such as “made in USA”, “limited offer”, “new”, “save” and “free”.

Future ads measured by Starch will also be catalogued according to these ad variables. Information by variables is being released on a rolling basis and will be completed by July.