NEWS7 June 2017

SSI offers free B2B omnibus survey

B2B News North America

US – Survey Sampling International has invited organisations to submit questions for a free business-to-business (B2B) monthly omnibus survey.

The SSI B2B All-Access Omnibus survey means organisations can test its B2B panel under real-world conditions. The company said it offers quantitative marketing research where data on a wide variety of subjects is collected, analysed and distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Businesses can provide one to three questions on a topic of their choice, and then receive a dataset which includes submitted questions, demographics, as well as details such as company size, industry, role and level.

Jared Schiers, senior vice-president global access for SSI, said: “SSI is offering customers and prospects a way to test its B2B capabilities for free, without shifting resources from other current research efforts.

“Although SSI is not in the omnibus survey business, we want to provide a way for organisations to test our B2B panel. The SSI B2B All-Access Omnibus allows companies to reach more than a million B2B respondents in the United States.”

Members include decision-makers and influencers in IT, HR and advertising; senior executives, small business owners and professionals of all types. Respondents can be selected by revenue, employee size, geography and vertical market.