NEWS15 February 2012

Spring testing new context-based brand research approach

Technology UK

UK— Spring Research is trialling a new mobile-based research approach that seeks to define the ‘moments’ that people have that drive the way they use products and services.

The new Moments approach asks respondents to give details on the context of their situation and where they are, who they are with and how they are feeling, which is used to create a map of a consumer’s “core moments” in their own words.

Spring said that the aim of the methodology is to “understand the range of relevant physical and emotional feelings” around the moments in a respondent’s life, such as when they are hungry, nervous, intimate, relaxed, excited or feeling down.

Using the map, Spring said it can provide an overview of where “different brands fit best”. For example, a high energy breakfast bar would fit on a respondent’s map when they are tired on a Monday morning. Once a respondent’s moments are mapped out, Spring will provide clients with insight into brand and communications opportunities.

Data is collected through an app-based diary followed by a quantitative survey that Spring will use to understand the relevant physical and emotional feelings around each ‘moment’.

Creative director John Griffiths (pictured) said: “Our contention is that the research industry has consistently ignored context in favour of getting data as quickly and easily as possible. And the exclusion of context has made us mostly blind to it as practitioners. Moments is our first attempt to get people to triangulate their context quickly without giving it much thought so that we can build up timeline maps of context and look for where brands can play a role.”

Some of Spring’s clients are already trialling the new product ahead of its unveiling at the NewMR mobile event next week.