NEWS10 July 2009

Spotlight: IFF Research’s Katie Oldfield


Katie Oldfield is associate director at IFF Research. In this four minute interview she offers us her professional take on jargon and the next big thing.

The Spotlight interview has fast become one of the most watched features on Research Live. In the latest episode IFF Research’s associate director Katie Oldfield has some salient advice for young researchers, and a word or two to say about the misrepresentation of research results in the media.


Katie Oldfield

If you would like to appear in a Spotlight video, please contact Marc Brenner. Just click on his name under the this story’s headline.

You may need to use stereo headphones to listen to this video.



15 years ago

Great interview, great format! It is important to get our younger generation interested in the market research industry. It is an industry that makes a very important contribution to businesses and our life style.

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15 years ago

Well done Pi. All the best etc

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