NEWS21 February 2024

Sponsorship measurement technology launched by former YouGov Sport director

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UK – Sport sponsorship, marketing and insight consultant Bruce Cook, formerly of YouGov Sport, has launched SponsorLab, a software-as-a-service tool to measure sponsorship.

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Designed to be used by sponsors, agencies and rights holders, the online tool prompts users to establish weighted objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) aimed at delivering organisational value through the sponsorship. 

The tool calculates a performance score for each KPI based on user weightings. For brands with multiple sponsorships, the SponsorLab dashboard includes an overall portfolio performance score.  

SponsorLab is owned by Bruce Cook’s strategic sponsorship and insight consultancy Captain Cook Consulting. Based in Glasgow, Cook previously worked as a consultant at YouGov Sport and prior to that was head of group sponsorship at RBS.

Cook has developed the tool to address the issue of failure to report “full and meaningful results from sponsorships” due to those managing sponsorships feeling that they are “on trial”.

Cook said: “It’s like being in a courtroom, and sponsorship reports are too often aimed at just getting an innocent verdict. That doesn’t help anyone. In fact, that can make the sponsorship worse by perpetuating sometimes mediocre activation.

“We need to get out of the courtroom and into the lab. That’s how we get true value from a marketing partnership.”