NEWS6 March 2023

Spacelabs acquires predictive analytics business

Healthcare News UK

US – Medical equipment manufacturer Spacelabs Healthcare has acquired predictive analytics company PeraHealth.

Founded in 2010, PeraHealth develops predictive enterprise software based on the Rothman Index, a score to quantify patient acuity.

Medical professionals use the company’s services to access a visual dashboard of patients’ conditions, to monitor and detect changes in health.

The Rothman Index uses existing medical records data. It is based on a heuristic model that uses physiological measures including labs, vitals, and nursing assessments.

Following the deal, PeraHealth chief executive Joseph Beals will lead data science strategy at Spacelabs.

The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Shalabh Chandra, president, Spacelabs, said: “By integrating PeraHealth’s analytics into Spacelabs’ digital health portfolio, we can help healthcare organisations deliver better outcomes and decrease costs with a clearer picture of their patients’ health.”