NEWS11 June 2018

Souda exits Kantar TNS

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UK – Preriit Souda director of data science at Kantar TNS has left the company to work as an independent consultant.

Kantar has recently restructured its data analytics practice, with Gonzalo Fuentes leading the practice. A spokesperson for the company said Souda’s role would not be directly replaced and was being covered by the team.

Souda is currently in the US. He said: “I am grateful to everyone at Kantar for providing me an opportunity and support to create a department which I feel did some of the finest work in the field of data science; a testament to it are several industry awards we won. I am also thankful to several of my clients who trusted my new methods and techniques.”

On working as a consultant, he added: “With growing amounts of data (structured and more importantly disjoint unstructured), there is a need for a different kind of analytical thinking to make sense of it. I believe that there is a scarcity of people with such experience –that’s where my plan is to come in and help clients and agencies.”

Souda joined Kantar in India in 2010 as a consultant in advanced analytics and moved to the director of data science role in the UK two years later.

He was a finalist for the MRS Research Live Newcomer of the Year award in 2014.