NEWS16 June 2020

Social science Covid-19 research hub launched

Covid-19 News UK

UK – The Campaign for Social Science has created a hub bringing together the sector’s reseach about Covid-19.

Covid-19 coronavirus data graph_crop

The hub links to resources from universities, institutes and societies about the ongoing pandemic, as well as illustrative examples of social science research across different disciplines and issues.

A number of comment pieces from social science researchers have also been added, including articles by Geoff Mulgan, Jonathan Portes, Susan Michie, Andy Haldane, Anna Vignoles, Simon Burgess, Mary Daly, Kalwant Bhopal, Stephen Reicher, Steve Martin and Anand Menon.

The hub’s content will be updated during the coming weeks and months. 

The Campaign for Social Science is part of the Academy of Social Sciences.