NEWS22 April 2010

Social media monitoring firm offers human touch

New business North America

US— Sentiment360, a new social media monitoring firm, launched today – touting its use of human analysts for all its data reporting.

The firm was founded by CEO Gary Cooper, who previously worked at IBM in the US and Europe, and Richard Eldridge, who will be in charge of the company’s offshore delivery centre in Manila. They are supported by COO Scott Marticke, who has experience in the advertising and communications sectors after spells with Chiat Day, Young & Rubicam, Grey and Ketchum.

Cooper said: “Sentiment360’s analysts, unlike machine-only processes, can discern nuances and contextualise comments that are critical to understanding the true nature of online conversations. We use software tools to scan the web but where other companies stop, we dive in and dissect the true meanings.”

The company’s analysts are based in Manilla which, according to Marticke, “offers tremendous cost savings without sacrificing quality”.

“As the third largest English speaking country in the world and, as a former US colony, the Philippines is very much attuned to US culture,” said a statement from Sentiment360, addressing potential concerns about the offshore nature of the business.

Already the company has secured itself the position of preferred social media listening partner to Saatchi & Saatchi in New York.