NEWS28 May 2024

Social media can ‘increase feelings of connection', study finds

Asia Pacific News

AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND – Posting on social media improves people’s sense of connection both online and in real-world interactions compared with those that do not use the technology, according to research by research and insights company TRA.

Colleen Ryan

TRA said that the research showed that adults felt two to three times more connected to community groups, sports teams and religious groups, for example, through the use of social media.

The findings are based on a study involving cultural analysis, a qualitative study and nationally representative surveys of more than 2000 people across New Zealand and Australia.

The study said that the top factors that make people feel connected to brands include loyalty schemes ( 46%), supporting causes they care about ( 39%) and partnerships with groups or interests they feel connected with ( 27%).

Among younger people, partnerships with other favoured companies are particularly influential.

TRA said that people felt connected to brands when companies got involved with their interests or partnered with groups or other brands that share their interests, with 2% of people in Australia and 5% in New Zealand spontaneously mention personalisation as something that makes them feel connected to brands.

Colleen Ryan (pictured), partner at TRA, said: “The research confirmed we are in a new age of connection. Human connection has adapted, and we have developed a new set of skills to connect with people with the same interests and world views as us.

“It’s not demographics, it’s not life stage, it’s not even platforms that connect us. It’s interests.

“Instead of trying to speak to everyone through common denominators or demographics, brands need to get in the crosshairs of their audience’s interesting interests. By using this approach brands will forge connect ions with customers on their terms – and they can do it at a scale that drives real growth.”