NEWS1 March 2017

Social media and instant messaging raising brand expectations

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GLOBAL – The growing use of instant messaging and social media has raised people’s expectations of brands and driven the success of ‘moment marketing', according to a new study. 

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Media agency UM’s Wave 9 social media tracker surveyed over 52,000 people in 78 countries. It found that 85% of consumers globally use instant messaging to stay in touch with family and friends (compared with 69% in last year’s survey), and that instant responses are expected.

This in turn, the report claims, has raised expectations of brands: the number of consumers expecting ‘help', ‘escape’ or 'something worth sharing’ from brands has increased from the previous wave, while the number expecting ‘latest news about products’ has decreased. 

The report also highlighted the importance of ‘moments’ – world news and events that unite people over social media – and the subsequent value to brands of finding the right moments in which to engage with consumers, especially given the finding that 48% of people feel ‘overwhelmed’ by the volume of things available to them online. 

"It’s clear that offering an always-on service to consumers is a good route for success, however not every brand can or even should be always-on," said Liz Haas, UM Research Director and co-author of the report.

"It’s vital to understand in which moments consumers will be most receptive to your message so that you can target these moments of receptivity when your communication is at its most relevant."