NEWS7 September 2009

Social marketer adds Powered-up analytics capabilities

Data analytics North America

US— Powered, a social marketing firm that runs campaigns for the likes of Sony, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola, has updated its branded online community platform with “enhanced” measurement and analytics capabilities.

The latest version incorporates Web Analytics Association standardisation – meaning data outputs from Powered’s analytics platform are now in compliance with industry-standard definitions of core metrics such as page views, visits and bounce rate.

It can also now provide more detail on user interactions with video and flash content, such as ‘plays’, consumption and completion rates.

Powered says it has improved its integrated survey system to allow for greater segmentation and targeting of questionnaires at particular groups within communities, while new ‘community health dashboards’ offer marketers regular snapshots of engagement and behaviour data in the form of site traffic statistics, key site conversions and social activity metrics.

Marketing vice president Aaron Strout said: “For every company, shepherding their brand in the new world of social [media] can and should be a different experience. What works for one certainly may not work for all; as such, Powered is committed to updating our social marketing platform to meet the wants of our brand partners and the needs of their community members.”