NEWS20 October 2014

Social best measure of people’s passions says Edwina Dunn

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UK — Edwina Dunn, CEO of Starcount and founder and former CEO of dunnhumby said in an exclusive interview with the Market Research Society that new models of behaviour based on how people use social media will emerge.


“There are some new things that can be done in customer loyalty and engagement. That’s why we’re looking at social media,” she said.

“How you spend your spare time – what you do across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook – these are drawing people in and are a much better measure of what people are passionate about,” she added.

At Starcount she said they are now tracking 1.76 billion people every minute of every day across 12 social media networks. “It gives us the most amazing pattern of what people are doing and what they’re interested in. We think there are new models that will emerge based on that.”

But when asked about what an insight-driven organisation looks like these days Dunn said few companies were achieving it.

“[An insight-driven organisation] is continually curious and courageous and those are actually fairly rare qualities these days,” she said before adding it was “an organisation that wants to know the truth – which is sometimes difficult.”

“What customers do and how organisations treat them requires some bravery. It’s easy to measure the things you want to hear and very hard to reveal the parts that don’t work well. Insight-driven means the truth – both good and bad.”

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