NEWS14 July 2023

SOCi launches survey platform

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US – Co-marketing cloud business SOCi.Inc has created a survey platform to collect first-party data from customers.

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The platform, called SOCi Surveys, will help businesses measure customer sentiment to understand satisfaction and preferences.

SOCi Surveys will use first-party data to feed into insights on how to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Features of the platform include out-of-the-box templates and the ability to build fully custom surveys, real-time interaction with customers and multichannel deployment.

Cynthia Castro, vice-president of product at SOCi, said: “SOCi Surveys unlocks a world where multi-location businesses can understand their customers on a deeper, local level and make data-driven decisions to improve operations where it matters most – inside the stores.

“Adding this reality to the fact that consumer behaviour patterns are volatile, the need and struggle to capture location-based customer insights becomes clear – especially at a time when brand visibility is more critical than ever.”