NEWS30 October 2023

Snapchat to measure ad campaign sales for clients

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UK – Social messaging app Snapchat has partnered with Circana (formerly IRI) for measurement of the impact of its advertising on campaign sales and return-on-investment (ROI).


Circana uses a geolift approach with a control-exposed methodology to determine the incremental impact of a paid media campaign on Snapchat, by measuring purchases and revenue as tracked by data captured across retailers.

As part of the process, Snapchat works with clients to ensure no Snapchat ads are served in certain regions during a campaign period, to allow for a control.

After the campaign, Circana compares and contrasts with other similar regions to highlight the results in terms of ROI.

The approach has been used by Snapchat client Heineken, which recently ran a campaign that utilised Circana’s measurement tools. 

Snapchat is currently offering the service to advertisers in the UK, France, Germany and Netherlands.

Christopher Plambeck, vice-president of marketing science at Snap Inc, said: “I am happy to share that we are now collaborating with Circana to offer offline sales measurement. In an ever-evolving privacy centric landscape in EMEA, we’re excited to offer this geolift solution that isolates the impact of Snap campaigns on product sales in stores. The early success stories coming in are encouraging and we can’t wait to see how CPG brands will harness this.”