NEWS6 September 2019

SIS launches blockchain consultancy

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US – Market research and strategy firm SIS International Research has established SIS Blockchain, its new blockchain consulting division.

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The company has been working in this area for the past two years, advising supply-chain, education, and healthcare organisations, IT and cyber-security firms, and delivery and logistics companies on blockchain implementation.

As a result, its strategy consulting will include: a four step approach to implementing blockchain; analysis of supply-chain and logistics; market entry strategy; applications; disruption analysis; technology acquisition (M&A) and partnership strategy.

Its market research and competitive intelligence will cover trends, sourcing, customer and proof of concept research among others.

Michael Stanat, vice-president of global operations said: “Having worked with key education, healthcare & supply-chain organisations on their specific needs and path to blockchain adoption, we are confident that enterprise blockchain will become a vital part of business strategy in the future. We look forward to working alongside our clients to successfully lead them into that future.”