NEWS20 June 2013

Shazam launches metric for TV ads

Data analytics North America

US — Shazam has launched a real-time metric to measure the effectiveness of television ad campaigns.

Shazam for TV aims to help brands accurately gauge the effectiveness of television advertising campaigns combining third-party industry data on the number of people that viewed a particular ad with the number of people who engage with that same ad through Shazam.

The company said that by combining the two data sets, it can reveal which ads are resonating with viewers with insights available by show, type of show, channel, day of week, day-part mix and other key television planning dimensions

Speaking at its launch at Cannes Lions, Shazam CEO Rich Riley said: “Shazam is already enhancing how millions of consumers around the world engage with TV advertising. Now, we are able to help brand marketers measure the impact of their ad campaigns using powerful data-driven insights never before available, making it possible for companies to optimise their ad spend.”