NEWS8 November 2016

Sensum adds facial recognition and eye-tracking to insights platform

Innovations News UK

UK – Emotions-based software company Sensum has launched the latest incarnation of its insights neuromarketing platform which now includes facial-recognition, eye-tracking and implicit testing technology.

The company said this upgrade will help brands build a more thorough view of audience’s emotional responses to content, experiences and products.

Sensum Insights is a web-based and mobile-enabled self-service platform that allows organisations to combine data from traditional market research methods with non-conscious data from wearable devices & biometric sensors. 

Gawain Morrison, CEO & co-founder, Sensum said: “The ability to build a truly personalised relationship with consumers is what enables brands to not just survive, but thrive. We’ve specifically developed Sensum Insights to help marketers, creative agencies and researchers be able to do this in the most efficient, cost-effective and in-depth way possible.”