NEWS14 May 2024

Sensu Insight establishes universities tracker

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UK – Research and measurement consultancy Sensu Insight has partnered with Universities UK to develop a universities sector tracker for the higher education sector.

group of students wearing graduation gowns and caps

The digital tool will monitor the profile and public perceptions of the sector, and measure the impact of issues affecting institutions.

Salford-based Sensu will track data from emerging conversations about higher education, identifying recurring themes and trends in how universities are being perceived by the public.

The company will offer regular reports and continuous monitoring of UK university campaigns, with data available to both Universities UK and institutions themselves, to assist with decision-making around issues including how they engage with stakeholders and recruit students.

The partnership between Sensu and Universities UK has seen the two partner on an initial benchmarking phase, which Universities UK has used to inform some ongoing initiatives.

Steve Leigh, managing director, Sensu Insight, said: “Universities have experienced turbulence, with issues around post-pandemic catch-up, value for money, and international recruitment dominating the public agendas. The sector is answerable to a range of very different stakeholder groups, from existing and prospective students to funding partners and politicians. Understanding how the conversation is evolving from student unions through to parliament will be critical when it comes to effective communications and listening.”

Universities UK said it would use the data to obtain a better understanding of issues ‘at a systemic level’ and respond in ‘a more informed way’.