NEWS13 September 2012

Screen Engine and Rentrak launch PostTrak tool

North America

US— Rentrak and entertainment research agency Screen Engine have teamed up to launch PostTrak, a syndicated service to report movie box office figures, audience demographics and key drivers of interest and attendance.

The subscription service is available to the movie industry and includes Rentrak’s census-level metrics and Screen Engine’s audience composition data. The duo said that PostTrak can also be used to predict future DVD and VOD revenue.

On top of this, movie producers can also use the tool to make comparisons against competitive pictures.

Kevin Goetz (pictured), founder and CEO at Screen Engine, said: “This new method of data collection and reporting is a revolutionary tool for the movie business. The PostTrak results will provide decision makers with far more reliable feedback in 20 demographically representative markets nationwide. This is in stark contrast to the traditional method of exit poll collection and reporting currently undertaken in only 3-4 markets.”