NEWS28 September 2023

ScotCen retains Scottish Health Survey contract for next three years

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UK – The Scottish Centre for Social Research (ScotCen) has retained the Scottish Health Survey contract for the 2024 to 2026 surveys.

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Commissioned by the Scottish Government, the Scottish Health Survey provides information on the health, and factors related to health, of people living in Scotland.

ScotCen, part of the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), has collected data for the survey since it began in 1995.

The survey was repeated in 1998 and 2003 and became continuous from 2008. It aims to allow for the monitoring of trends over time and to provide results for health boards, local authorities and for sub-groups of the population. 

Data from the survey is used to inform health policy-making and health services planning.

In recent years, survey data has informed Scotland’s national performance framework with the inclusion of national indicators on smoking, child obesity, physical activity, general health and adult wellbeing.

The Scottish Government has also used data from the study for its alcohol framework and healthy weight delivery plan. 

Victoria Wilson, research director at the Scottish Centre for Social Research (ScotCen), said: “We are thrilled to be continuing our work with the Scottish Government on the Scottish Health Survey for an additional three years. The survey’s long-standing time series, which stretches back to 1995, can be used to examine long-term trends in the health outcomes and behaviours and makes a major contribution to understanding and monitoring the health of people in Scotland.”