NEWS26 April 2016

Schlesinger launches interactive research wall

Innovations News North America

US — Schlesinger Associates has installed The Wall, an interactive stimuli wall, in three US central locations.

The Wall, a multi-window, interactive wall for free-form or structured display of study stimuli and insights, is now available at Schlesinger facilities in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles

“High-impact visualization has allowed moderators to experience increased engagement in qualitative studies as respondents interact with the stimulus, not just saying what they mean but also showing what they mean," said Rob Ramirez, senior vice president of Strategic Development at Schlesinger. "Clients, behind the mirror, also enjoy full view of respondents’ interaction as they select, compare, manipulate and annotate on the panoramic canvas.  

"Recent deployment of The Wall in NYC has shown increased speed and quality of data collection with clients reporting clearer and faster insights to action."