NEWS9 June 2011

ScentAnalysis launches quantitative fragrance test

Europe Technology

GERMANY— Fragrance researcher ScentAnalysis has launched a new quantitative scent research tool, the Scent Choice Test.

The SCT is designed to evaluate not just whether people like a fragrance, but how effectively it conveys the image of the brand it’s supposed to be associated with.

The company’s experts determine which fragrances are linked to which concepts, and respondents record their expectations of how a product will smell before testing it for themselves.

Instead of rating fragrances according to standard attributes, respondents rate them according to particular attributes relevant to the brand or concept in question.

Results are reported quantitatively so clients can see how close the fragrance matches customers’ expectations of their brand and what they can change to create a better fit.

The agency, which has offices in Germany, France and the US, has used the new tool to evaluate anti-ageing skincare products, looking at how different fragrances can reinforce the values of brands or the impression of product effectiveness.

The firm said: “The power of scent is greatly underestimated. Having a scent that is highly liked is a necessary part of the mix, but scent can play a far greater role as the ‘invisible personality’ of the product. It is the silent communicator.”