NEWS18 June 2010

Satmetrix launches European benchmark study


UK— Customer loyalty agency Satmetrix has rolled out its Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks survey across the UK, France and Germany.

The study, which has been in place for several years in the US, rates brands by using the Net Promoter Score, which measures customer loyalty by asking how likely a person is to recommend a company to a friend.

Satmetrix recruited a panel of 24,000 respondents across the three countries to carry out the study. Responses were collected via an email survey.

Consumers were asked to rate brands in the banking, car insurance, ISP, mobile phone and consumer electronics sectors.

John Abraham (pictured), general manager of Net Promoter programmes at Satmetrix said: “A company’s ability to deliver a superior customer experience relative to its industry peers is a critical indicator of customer retention and new customer acquisition through positive word of mouth. These benchmarks allow companies to see how consumers rate them relative to their competitors when it comes to customer loyalty.”

Abraham said that Satmetrix plans to run the survey annually if the first is successful.