NEWS10 October 2019

Samsung overtakes Apple in most connected brand ranking

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UK – Amazon remains the most connected brand in the UK, but Samsung has overtaken rival, Apple, in Opinium’s Most Connected Brands Index.

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Now in its second year, Opinium’s Top 100 Most Connected Brands is compiled based on customer feedback consisting of 12,000 consumers, 22,000 spontaneous brand mentions and 96,000 brand reviews.

Brands that have moved up the index most this year, compared with last, are: Aldi, now in number 9 compared with 21 in 2018 and the first supermarket to make it to the top 10; Sky ( 32nd in 2019 vs. 62nd in 2018 ); and Volkswagen which moved from 72nd to 60th this year and appears to be recovering from the reputational damage of its emissions scandal.

Samsung is now in fourth place – an increase of three places – overtaking its smartphone rival Apple, which has fallen nine places to 14th.

Netflix has just missed out on a top 10 spot but is ahead of more traditional media outlets such as the BBC which is in 19th spot.

Adam Drummond, associate director at Opinium said: “Sky and Netflix are among the big winners from this year’s Most Connected Brands and this speaks to the impact that having a personalised offering can have on your emotional connection with consumers.”

Opinium’s Most Connected Brands Index combines four key brand metrics – weighted together to produce a one number summary of a brand’s ability to connect with consumers. These are: prominence – its presence and scale; distinction – its identity and ability to set trends; emotion – ability to form emotional relationships; and dynamism – the brand’s momentum and social traction.