NEWS8 October 2010

Rugby club London Irish tries out IBM analytics programme

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UK— Professional sportsman are used to performing in the spotlight, but players at rugby team London Irish will go into tomorrow’s Heineken Cup clash with Munster having had their every move analysed by a specially designed analytics programme.

IBM Business Analytics developed a “groundbreaking” new system that consolidates all the statistics and performance data collected by coaches during matches and training for the team, which the team has been using to spot trends and highlight aspects of the game – such as recurring mistakes made by the same player.

London Irish have taken the data into account when planning training sessions, as well as analysing opponents ahead of each game.

Head coach Tony Booth (pictured) said: “Performance analysis is vital for success. In order to push our programme forward and be the best we must constantly find ways to advance player and squad development…The ability to drill down into our data even further means we can view performance trends in a higher level of detail, develop enhanced training schedules and importantly focus our efforts even more effectively on the pitch.”

While the programme is bound to take credit for better performances on the field, we wonder if it will shoulder the blame should Muster put one over London Irish tomorrow.



10 years ago

It is a great new! I love the use of tecnology, and I love Rugby so.. both of them working together is amazing!

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10 years ago

In my day it was all about a few dirty tricks and a bit of muscle. How the game has changed with a bit of professionalism and money pumped in...

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