NEWS28 May 2015

Route extends data to taxis and cinema

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UK — The audience measurement body of the OOH industry Route has completed its project to produce data for taxis and cinema.


Its measurement now covers roadside, bus & tram, rail, underground, metro & light rail, indoor & outdoor shopping centres, motorway service areas, supermarket car-parks, airports, cinema foyers and taxis.

James Whitmore, managing director, Route (pictured) said: “Through the collective and collaborative effort of the agency and media owner research teams, Ipsos Connect, MGE Data, Birkbeck College and Katherine Page (a research consultant), together with a sizeable investment, we have created an audience measurement system for all media in a public space, static and moving, digital and scrolling.”

In a separate development, the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have been awarded a licence to use Route’s visibility research in their new audience measurement programme.

They join a list of countries including Australia, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, and Turkey.

Route is an independent organisation, funded by the poster specialist agencies and the media owners.