NEWS23 February 2011

Rothenberg returns to IAB following Time departure

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US— Randall Rothenberg has returned to his role as president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) just over a month after he left the organisation to join magazine publisher Time Inc.

Rothenberg announced in December last year that he would be taking up the new role of chief digital officer with the publishing giant in January 2011.

However, Time sacked CEO Jack Griffin – the man who hired Rothenberg – last week and the former IAB head decided to step down, according to industry reports. Griffin had himself only been with the firm less than six months.

In a statement, IAB chairman Bob Carrigan said: “We’re excited that Randall is taking the helm again at IAB. During his four-year tenure, IAB became the central trade association for marketing and media. With our industry at a critical point, we are pleased that Randall’s coming back to advance the work he’s done to date.”

Rothenberg said he was “thrilled” to be back at the IAB, and confirmed that Time would remain a member. “Time is a valued member of the IAB,” he said, “and I am pleased about the graciousness of the organisation and the fact that senior executives have reaffirmed their commitment to the association.”