NEWS15 August 2013

RichRelevance gets Precog

M&A North America

US — Retail personalisation firm RichRelevance has acquired analytics technology company Precog.

Precog provides an advanced platform that helps companies store, integrate and analyse large volumes of modern, semi-structured data and as part of the deal, Precog CEO John De Goes, as well as Precog’s entire team of senior engineering leaders, have joined RichRelevance.

The announcement follows RichRelevance’s May 2013 acquisition of Sweden-based personalisation company Avail and the company will be integrating Precog’s engineering team into data and analytics projects across research and product development.

Founded and led by David Selinger, who helped pioneer personalisation at, RichRelevance helps retailers increase sales and customer engagement by recommending the most relevant products to consumers regardless of the channel they are shopping.

Selinger said: “As we look to the future, the Precog deal will be incredibly valuable as we continue to innovate new ways to turn data into measurable business value for our clients. We’re very excited to welcome the Precog team and look forward to their immediate contribution to our culture, technology and business.”