NEWS19 June 2013

Retail marketing offered eye-tracking check up

Data analytics UK

UK — A platform has been launched in the UK that aims to help brand owners and retailers measure the effectiveness of their shopper marketing materials through neuromarketing and a panel made up of marketing experts.

SellCheck marries a neuromarketing eye-tracking software, which analysis each point-of-sale image or other type of marketing message, with insight from a panel of shopper marketing experts who analyse finished marketing material and make recommendations.

It launches in the UK after being tested by brands such as Coca Cola, P&G and Nestle in the US and SellCheck can be used to analyse many different types of shopper material across both instore and online environments, including POS materials both on and off shelf, print ads, web pages, and direct mail.

Peter Chapman, SellCheck director, said: “Brands know the impact that effective point of purchase materials can have on the bottom line, but until now, it’s been a bit of a dark art rather than a measureable science. SellCheck gives marketers a tried-and-tested methodology that not only provides an expert analysis of marketing materials, but also recommendations on making them better before they go to print.”


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7 years ago

But is the methodology in-store based or lab based? Surely it has to be in-store based to be a realistic measurement of effectiveness?

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