NEWS9 August 2016

Researchers in life sciences embracing tech innovation

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US — A study of researchers working in life sciences and healthcare suggests more and more are embracing big data analytics and new technologies. 

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The 2016 Life Science Market Research – State of the Market Report by InCrowd surveyed around 100 pharmaceutical and life science researchers on their attitudes towards emerging research approaches, investments, desired innovations and challenges.

Nearly 50% of those surveyed said they agreed that their approach to market research was ‘tech savvy’ or ‘resourceful', and big data analytics topped the list of technologies in which respondents’ organisations had invested (as well as leading on the list of investments they said they wished they could make).

Social media analysis, shorter and more-focused micro-surveys and wearables-based research were also popular areas of investment.  

"The sector has always been somewhat slow to adopt new market research technology, until now," said Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd.

"The report is a critical first sign that this community agrees that new market research approaches can deliver faster, data-driven business decisions, and they're investing accordingly."