NEWS2 September 2009

Researcher to represent England in Miss Earth contest

People UK

UK— England’s Miss Earth contestant is not just a pretty face – she’s also a market researcher with online agency Attain Insight.

Kirsty Nichol works with business owners Jon Wilson and John Mumford on the agency’s Fanalysis service, which surveys football supporters and fans at events such as pop concerts.

She was recently crowned Miss Earth (England) and will go on to compete in the international final of the Miss Earth beauty contest in the Philippines in November.

Miss Earth is a beauty pageant in which participants must actively demonstrate and promote efforts to preserve the environment.

As part of her environmental activities Nichol put together and delivered a teaching programme for infant school children based on the theme ‘a little goes a long way’.

She also had to show what her employees were doing to help the environment. Nichol said: “At Attain Insight we try and use the internet for surveys as much as possible which avoids paper and transport costs.”

Plaudit for Nichol’s success in the pageant came from Independent Consultants Group spokesperson Anumita Sharma who said: “Kirsty is an excellent ambassador proving that independent market research consultants are glamorous as well as environmentally minded. We wish her success in the final.”