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NEWS24 June 2011

Research Now to donate $100,000-worth of omnibus services this year

News North America

US— Research Now is making up to $100,000-worth of data collection services and sample available for charitable work over the next year, as part of a new initiative.

The online panel provider will make its global omnibus services available to charities and companies carrying out pro bono work in a number of countries. The firm said it already donates research services “from time to time”, but is making a more formal commitment through an initiative called OmniGive, which it expects to continue on an annual basis.

The amount of work donated will depend on what requests are received, up to a maximum of $100,000 a year.

Vice president of corporate communications Ashley Harland said: “The hope is that by establishing OmniGive as a more formalised effort, we can further support and promote the importance of market research and reach organisations such as non-profits that might not typically be able to allocate budget towards conducting research regarding their programmes and efforts”.

CEO Chris Havemann ( pictured ) said the initiative was “a way of giving back and to supplement our existing community and charitable efforts”.